PaceBeats workout app

Our very first idea post! Hopefully this will be the beginning of a habit of relatively frequent updates about our most recent hairbrained (and maybe some not-so-hairbrained) ideas.

Anyway, this is an idea for a smartphone app called PaceBeats. Here’s how it works:

PaceBeats compiles songs based on tempo for people who listen to music during workouts. After downloading PaceBeats, the first thing you do is “set your pace” by tapping the screen at a certain tempo for 120 seconds. The app would calculate the average beats per minute, and then put together a list of songs from your iTunes that are most similar to that tempo. It could also suggest new songs from the iTunes store that have similar tempos. After selecting the songs you want to include (perhaps based on length of workout or length of each song) you could create a seamless mix of your songs, which would blend into each other without stopping the beat or disturbing your pace. You could keep several beats on file at once. For example: “warm up” “workout” and “cool down” or “running” and “cycling.”

The target audiences would be as follows:

1. Anyone who works out with a music player and draw motivation from their music
2. Serious runners/athletes that need to keep a steady pace throughout their workout

1. Performance artists (like dancers) who are constantly looking for the perfect song to correspond with their ideas for a piece.
2. DJs, singers and others who want to mix or “mash up” music seamlessly together. It would make it easy for them to find songs with the same bmp.

We submitted this idea to MEDL mobile back on Dec 8, 2010, and it is still “Waiting for Review” so we really have no hope of it ever coming into being. So, please, if you feel like you can make this idea reality, steal it! Just credit us for the idea. We’d love to see this app get made.


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