Travel Improvements

J and I have a trip to Ireland coming up, which got us thinking about ways to make travel more convenient and fun.

The worst part about travel is arguably the “getting there” part. Long flights are mostly uncomfortable and inconvenient unless you pay a premium for non-stop flights or 1st class seats. So, here are a couple small changes that could make it better:

1. A small fee for a “QuickBags” option when checking luggage. Pay an extra $30-$40, and have your baggage unloaded first. I have missed a couple connecting flights because I had to pick up baggage that came off the plane late (or in one case, got lost completely). With QuickBags, you could make tighter connections or simply start your vacation sooner or get to bed earlier when you’re getting to your destination late in the evening.

2. Suggested seat partners. We could call this option “FlightConnection”. We thought about how when you start University and choose to live in a dormitory, many times you are asked to fill out a personality/study habits survey to determine who would be your ideal roommate candidate. On long flights, an airline could have an option upon check-in to fill out a quick e-survey about themselves to find their ideal seat partner. Some people are not chatty on planes and get annoyed when people next to them want to gab it up, while others enjoy meeting new people on flights. This system would enhance the in-flight experience for all patrons by putting them next to people they are compatible with. Readers beside readers, chatters beside chatters, professionals by potential networking opportunities, etc.

I’d love to see some airlines adopt these options. What’s your opinion?


About Erin Eby

Art director and general design junkie.
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