Salary Source

“So, how much do you make?” is a question no one in their right mind would ask their coworker (unless you’re related to them, or you were in each others’ weddings… and even then, approach with caution). But it is on everyone’s mind. With employees in high supply in an economy of low demand, there are lots of new hires out there wondering if they are being taken advantage of in their moment of desperation.

Even in a strong economy, women wonder if they haven fallen victim to the (self-imposed?) “glass ceiling”, people wonder whether they’re making as much in their current workplace as the one next door, and everyone thinks about which of their coworkers’ earnings is above or below theirs.

So, I propose a website ( which allows individuals to log in and anonymously post their current and past employment statistics:
– workplace
– salary
– geographic location
– years of experience
– degrees
– responsibility

That way, others can log in and check out any number of self-reported employment statistics. This would be great to know if you’re moving to a new city and need to know your market’s earning average. It could also help you find out if you might have a better opportunity at another workplace in the same city OR if you should ask for a raise since you are earning below average at your current job!

There are lots of salary comparison sites already out there (like ) but you can’t see individual reports or the name of the actual companies. It is more of an overall average based on qualifications and geography. My proposal would allow for a more visual comparison on any number of parameters to better highlight where you stand in relation to your peers. Think it sounds good? Steal it!


About Erin Eby

Art director and general design junkie.
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