A different vein into the blood market

How did you find out that you could donate blood? Generally there’s a blood drive at school or work, sometimes one of your parents gives, or maybe you’ve received a transfusion and now know the value of giving. From our experience, though, it’s usually the “right thing” to do and still not enough people give to satisfy the demand. This seems to be generally due to a lack of education about the safety and efficacy of giving or an inconvenience to go to a donation center.

To fill that gap, we would propose that each time you go to the doctor, they ask if you would like to give blood during your visit. This would eliminate the inconvenience and people would be free to discuss the risks with the medical professional they trust most. This way we can keep the blood supply flowing without inconveniencing the patient or taking time out of a nurse’s work week to take blood at a donation center.


About Jack Eby

Biomedical engineer and avid marathoner.
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