Mothers’ Day Microsite

I am way tardy with this post, as Mothers’ Day was back on May 8, but on the bright side, that gives the idea more potential to come to life in 2012! Many adults today, like me, live miles (if not states or oceans) away from their parents, which makes holidays difficult to celebrate. Even if we can make it home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthdays, Mothers’ Day is one of those holidays that most adults spend away from their parents.

So, we thought of an idea to bring a community together to celebrate Mothers’ Day virtually. is a microsite in which users can log in and upload positive Yo Mama jokes dedicated to their favorite mom. For example: “Yo mama’s cooking is so tasty, she’d make the Olson twins into plus size models.” I don’t claim to be a good comic… but I’m sure there are lots of wittier people out there that can do way better! Visitors to the site would be able to share, download, and send e-card “yo mamas” to celebrate all the great moms out there who could use a laugh, a smile, and a pat on the back. The yo mama with the most shares, downloads, and likes will receive a prize such as a bouquet of flowers, spa treatment, or gourmet gift basket that goes to the mom that the yo mama was dedicated to.

We think this could be a smart, effective effort by a flower delivery company such as or, since much of their business likely comes from long-distance relatives who send flowers or a gift to their loved ones on holidays. People who are using the internet as a media to engage with the yo mama community and are already digital-friendly enough to share and send user-generated ecards are likely to be the exact target the flower delivery companies are looking for. By sponsoring the microsite, they would be reaching out directly to their client base of people who find it convenient to order through the internet and are comfortable with buying on the web. The site would be especially popular with young people who might still live with or close enough to their parents to give them a gift in person, thus engaging them with their brand in a positive way that says they are a leader in the gifting industry before they move away from their parents’ home.

I’d love to see this happen in 2012… and I think my mom would too!


About Erin Eby

Art director and general design junkie.
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