Idea Tree

There are lots of different types of evolution-type trees out there. Since everything evolves over time, it seems to make sense.

It would be really cool, though, to be able to look back at where the greatest ideas of our time have come from. Where are the ideas that started revolutions and which ones fizzled after a promising start? Google has done the world a great service by cataloging these changes in ideas by logging who is citing who in academic literature. This makes it possible to trace an idea’s genealogy, so to speak, and see how far that idea has come from humble beginnings in a lab in the distant past. Who in science thinks along the same road as their predecessors and who is crossing boundaries?

The great part about this project is that in order to be feasible it almost has to be personal. Find an idea you love and look back at where it comes from and what other great ideas were born from the same stock but took a different path.


About Jack Eby

Biomedical engineer and avid marathoner.
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