Population Problems

In immunology, different cells can be identified based on specific markers. The problem is knowing exactly which markers separate the population you’re looking for from all the other cells that could be in there. That’s where it would be helpful to have an app that could sort it all out for you.

Based on the large amount of literature out there, it wouldn’t be too hard to categorize all the different cell types based on their particular markers and enter them into a database. The app could then search through the database and tell you which markers you should look for. If, for example, you want to separate populations of macrophages from dendritic cells, you put the two cell types into the app and it comes back with what markers you could use to differentiate the two. What would make it even better is if it could work in reverse as well, telling you what kinds of cells you have by giving the app what markers the cells are expressing.

This would definitely save a lot of new students hours of time and give them a much more accurate picture of what they have. When you’re a PhD student working 80 hour weeks, saving that time might make the app price worth it, even if it means you have to skip on a box of macaroni.


About Jack Eby

Biomedical engineer and avid marathoner.
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