Shop the RIFT

Evolution Map Print. For sale here

This diagram depicts a modernized, designy version of the famous Hillis Plot of the evolution of species. Perfect for any RIFT brain home.

More info about the Hillis Plot can be found here.


2 Responses to Shop the RIFT

  1. Malin Miller says:

    Hello Erin, You do not seem to have posted your email anywhere, I came in “contact” with you via your post about Lausanne on design sponge. Me and my family just came back from 4 years in the US. I am a Swedish design freek (check out my blog and interior designer hoping to find some work now that we are back in Geneva my husband is Swiss.
    Would be fun to meet up one day if you come by in Geneva for a coffee to speak American European design!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Erin Eby says:

    Hi Malin,
    Thanks for your comment. I’ll get in touch with you through your blog!

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